About Us

WebSpaceKit is a web hosting platform/company based in India. 

In a world where billions of websites are hosted by thousands of hosting platforms, we know how hard it is to find the best hosting for your site on the most affordable budget.

Our story started with this vision. A vision to provide every website owner with the best hosting performance. 

To empower people to create/host their online presence without any hassle.

Why WebSpaceKit?

1. Most hosting platforms in the world, have their servers in the USA or Europe. This makes the site load slower for your (Indian) audience. With our servers located in India,  We provide you with the best possible performance to give you the fastest loading time. Our high-end technology ensures that your site will load within a blink of an eye.

2. We know how important your site’s security is. This is why we don’t let you gamble with that.

All of our hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate is an absolute necessity for your site since it increases the trust factor between you and your audience. 

This ensures that all the data from our servers to your visitor’s browser is safe and secure.

What we offer:

  • The best hosting plans in the most affordable budget to meet all your hosting needs.
  • Best technology servers equipped with the fastest storage, latest & high-scoring CPU benchmark (30,000+ CPU benchmark score), to provide your audience with the best user experience.
  • Free custom email address for your business to build professional relationships and establish trust.
  • Fastest storage & website loading times to provide your audience with the best user experience.
  • Abundant resources allocated specifically for each customer on our hosting servers increase your site’s speed & performance.
  • Servers with the latest and high-scoring CPU benchmark (30,000+ CPU benchmark score).
  • Free Instant migration from another hosting provider. Set your site up and running with our powerful servers in just a matter of few minutes.
  • Unlike most hosting platforms, we don’t increase our price for plan renewals. What you signed up for is what you need to pay during renewals.
  • Easy upgrades to other plans to keep up with your site as it grows. Upgrade your plan as per your needs within a few seconds. 
  • 24/7 expert support from our team to assist you in anything and everything.

Our core values/What we stand by:

  • To us, the first and foremost thing is to meet your needs and provide you with the best experience.
  • We’re always looking for ways to improve our hosting solutions and technology to meet and go beyond the expectations of our customers.
  • We aim to provide our customers with the most affordable hosting plans without compromising on the top-tier quality.

The team behind WebSpaceKit:

WebSpaceKit is a venture from the Website Learners team. We’re a team whose passion revolves around websites and WordPress. 

With an incredible number of people following us across social media, we have reached over a million people and helped them in their website-building journey.
This has enabled us in knowing what (the audience is/our customers are) looking for.

And how we can help in making this entire experience better.

Our team is our strongest asset and a reflection of our values & ethics.

We’re a creative bunch whose goal is to build each other and help people create/establish their online presence.

Connect today and uplevel your hosting with us!

How to Start ?

Watch the video on the right to see how to get started with WebSpaceKit.

Stuck with a Slow Hosting? Let us Move it for Free!

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